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Toyish are toys that nurture creativity and imagination. Give a kid a carrot and she sees a rocket, a snowman’s nose, or a castle turret.

Every child views the world in his or her own way. Children’s toys should be as open-minded and curious a they are. These toys are designed to stimulate imaginations and nurture the thinking skills that make each child, and toy, unique.

Toyish toys combine crafts and building, creating and re-creating, right brain and left brain thinking.

They encourage players to look at things differently, break the rules, and put pieces together in new ways. They make kids wonder, think, laugh. And they make them want to keep on playing.



 Award-Winning Toyish Toys - Designed by Studio Dada  Award-Winning Toyish Toys - Designed by David Altit & Daniel Leibovics  Toyish | David Altit & Daniel Leibovics , Studio Dada
TOYISH won the Red Dot Award 2015

TOYISH won the 2015 Red Dot Award, a major international

design  prize. Big thanks to our amazing team who made this possible.                                                                                                                                                                 

TOYISH is among The 10 coolest toys From the 2015 International Toy Fair TOYISH

toys were chosen by Fatherly as one of the coolest Toys from the 2015 International Toy Fair.

“to the jaded adult, Toyish looks like a Solo cup on a 4-wheeled coaster.

But it’s Endlessly customisable, thanks To interchangeable components And paper “play books” that Through sketching and coloring Help kids change the toy’s theme

TOYISH won the 2015 BEST IN PLAY award

Congratulations to TOYISH! The Kate’s Cones was selected by Working Mother as the best in Play at NYC 2015 Toy Fair.

Thank You to all the coolest working Mothers!


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